More Than One Use For Canning Jars

I am having so much fun making holiday packages for my Etsy shop and craft shows. I previously posted about the baskets filled with tea towels. But as cute as they are, they end up being pricy. 

So I came up with another idea – two towels in a canning jar. 

I made two options so far – the first a jar with two recipes and another that I am calling “Sweet Tooth” which is an embroidered cupcake on one towel and an ice cream cone on the other. After I fold the towel into a small rectangle, I nestle them together and they fit right in. An 8″ square piece of fabric and a rob in finishes the package.  At $20 per jar they are affordable and cute. 

These are easy for me to whip up with my embroidery machine, but you can make them at home too. 

Instead of embroidery you could appliqué a design, hand embroider a simple image, stitch on a spare quilt block, or sew in a strip of fabric or ruffle. The possibilities are endless. You can get the jars at JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels, Target or your local food store may even have them. You could also add an ornament to the bow to make them more special. They make a great teacher’s gift, or would be great for a co-worker or even a simple hostess gift. Let me know what you come up with!

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