Another New Toy – Prostitcher

Alan Anderson from The Quilt Baket in Pawling, NY came yesterday to install my Handi Quilter Prostitcher. We almost tried it ourselves on Monday night when we returned from San Diego, but I am glad we didn’t. 

I am very grateful that in addition to doing the installation, Alan gave me a tutorial. There is a lot to learn. Beyond showing me the Prostitcher, he showed me some other tips and tricks including bottom tension. I am very grateful. 

My first move today was to redo the tutorial from the end to end class I took at Handi Quilter Academy last month. All was going well, as pictured, but then when I advanced the quilt the design didn’t follow. Bummer. 

Not one to give up, I just tried again with a different design. This time it worked. As usual with these sorts of things, it was operator error. I think when I advanced to a new start point on the last one, I advanced too far. 

So here is the final practice run. It is 30″ wide by 15″ high. I managed to advance it properly AND intentionally broke my thread. I am going bind it up and stick it on a wall in the sewing room to remind me to try and try again. 

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