Marissa is a Mrs! And a quilt!

  My beautiful colleague Marissa got married in November, on the Saturday before Thanksgiving. She was an absolutely stunning bride, and her (now) husband Scott was as handsome as possible. Rob and I are very grateful that we got to enjoy their day with them, and had a great time.  
 The wedding was fabulous. It was great to spend time with Tanya, Bride Marissa, Amanda and Sheri, and we enjoyed every moment. Including the four rounds of dessert!!! All this after a day of doing the Granny’s Attic craft show!  

 It was a wild day. Short story – we went to a hotel to shower and change after the craft show and before the wedding and realized rob had forgotten my clothes!?!?!?! There was no time to go home as it was an hour away. So, we consulted the Google and found a nearby Lord & Taylor. We raced over, I bought an outfit, got dressed in the dressing room while rob dressed in the car (seriously) and we got to the wedding. After all the confusion, I forgot the gift! Yes, there was a quilt! So I gave it to her when she returned to work after her honeymoon. 

 I don’t know Marissa’s color palette so I went for a neutral palette. She strikes me as having classic taste and I hope this quilt works for her.  

 Beyond the quilt, after her three week vacation and trip to Bora Bora, some of us got together to welcome her back in a fun way.  

 We decorated her cubicle with flowers, balloons, and signage. And don’t let the pink and balloons fool you – she isn’t expecting. Her palette of navy blue, pale pink and silver didn’t translate to the balloons! Tanya was the brainchild and Kyla was a great partner in crime.   Congratulations Marissa!!! Wishing you and Scott all the best for a beautiful life together!

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