Dressing Things Up

  Well after two years and hundreds of orders from both craft shows and Etsy, I am dressing things up. I guess all those happy, shiny Vistaprint commercials finally got to me.   First up, labels for my tea towels. Unfortunately they are too big for the front unless I get bigger bags which isn’t going to happen. Many people at craft shows buy these as gifts so now the recipient we know where they can get more.  

 I also got address labels. It is t like writing the three lines was all that tough, but these just look cuter. Plus rob’s handwriting isn’t the greatest. 🙂 an order recently got lost in the mail and hasn’t come back to me yet, so hopefully these labels help.  

 I am most excited about the postcards though. I have started doing longarm quilting for customers and am also going to let people pay by-the-hour to finish their quilts in my studio. I always wished I could finish my quilts on someone else’s machine before I got one, so now I will make that option available for someone else. I will post a new page soon with rates, but they are quite reasonable. So, local friends, give me a call if you want to come quilt together!

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