A Pat on the Back

Please pardon the shameless self promotion but I am so excited. I opened my etsy store just under a year ago on July 13. I originally set a goal of 26 sales in the first year, one every two weeks. It was going pretty week and 26 sales came and went, so I doubled the goal to a sale per week for the first year.

It was touch and go for the past few weeks and I was hovering right around 50. Then 51. Then over the holiday weekend 52 and 53 came in. I am so grateful and excited that a few folks like my stuff. It has been really rewarding to get several custom orders and to also have a handful of repeat customers. Mission accomplished, but now I have to set a goal for the next year. Not a bad challenge to have at all!


Hope y’all enjoyed the long weekend!

One thought on “A Pat on the Back

  1. Congratulations Erin! You’ve done so well and I can absolutely relate. I started my shop on 12th July and set myself a target of one sale a fortnight. Then things went so well I shifted the goal post to one per week. At the same time things died down completely…….I think I put the hex on myself. I didn’t reach my target but I also had a couple of sales at the eleventh hour. And I’ve still got 3 days!!!!!!!!! So who knows!!!!

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