100th Item!

This is probably a big deal to no one but me, but I had a goal of offering 100 items on my Etsy shop. Originally it was because I have read that when you have approximately 100 items for sale you start achieving more consistent sales. But then it became more if a goal around offering a better experience for people who visit my shop. And to prove to myself that I could do it!


This table runner became item #100. It is prettier in person with spring purples and teals. It is the ultimate do-it-yourself project too. I took a 2.5″ jelly roll and sewed strips in a pleasing pattern and them quilted in the ditch. Essentially I used 8 or 9 different fabrics, sewing them from light to dark and got two halves out of the sewn 42″ strip set. I picked a different strip for the center, sewed half of the sewn strips to one side, half to the other, and was done.


I have way more than 100 items made for craft shows so this was a silly goal anyway. Some aren’t posted because they are too small, coffee cozies and wine sleeves for example, and others because they are out of season and still others because I haven’t had time to post them. But with a big push this week we have 100 items for sale!!! Woohoo!!!


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