First show of the season last week

We did our first show of the season last Sunday at the Wayne Valley High School Spring Craft Show. The show was a little slow but it was a good learning environment to try out some of my new items, especially embroidery.


The booth looks a little messy as the person next to us didn’t show up so we borrowed a table from the school and spread out. It gave us more room which was good but we didn’t have the proper table covers. I used some of Maddie’s stuffed animals to display embroidered items. Some people got it, and well, some people thought I was selling bears. Yeah.



The spring and Easter table runners and toppers were well received but I need more variety. I am working on that this weekend.



My kids items were especially well received. People agreed that they would be a good edition to Easter baskets, so I was pleased with that.



And the pillows and bags also did ok. I had a few crazy barterers, “I will give you ten dollars for that $18 pillow,” to which I said, “keep moving,” but it was all good. Next up is Paramus this weekend and so I am in heavy production mode. :). >

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