Someone visited my Etsy shop yesterday and wanted to get a closer look at one of the fabrics in a pillow. The woman is redecorating and her palette is an amazing eggplant and teal combination – very regal and luxe. We had a terrific conversation and lots of back and forth. She sent me an image of the look she is trying to achieve and it is to die for. I sent her some swatches and hopefully will have the chance to create a custom order for her.

Fabric Swatches

Fabric Swatches

So I am on a conference call right now in my room, I look up, and sure enough, I am looking at a quilt that is her palette, at least in a broad way. It is definitely purplish eggplant and teal, and is hanging on a grey wall. This one has green in it, that I wish I hadn’t included. I had loved the border which was a deep rich bright purplish color with pops of aqua and teal. I made this in 2010 to hang in my office, but we are moving to an open floor plan so I brought it home and it hangs in my bedroom now.

Purple Floral Quilt

Purple Floral Quilt

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